Craig & Khalil deliver key-note talks, seminars and workshops ranging in duration from 20 minutes to 2 days. Each session can be customised to the needs of the audience. Some of the topics covered are:


Maximise individual and workforce potential. At work and at home every person has the ability to excel, but few do. Get equipped with the tools and principles to maximise your performance in every area of life.


Race, diversity and culture

Soul knows no colour. Our primary identity is human. Learn how we can break out of the man-made construct of racism, embrace our humanity and build a society and workplace of harmony, connectedness and high performance.


Normalized Disempowerment 

Very few people live life to their full potential. Most settle for less than they are capable of because of unconscious limiting beliefs. Discover how to overcome these self-imposed limitations and live life to the full.



Building a sustainable culture of greatness. The quality of the people we have mentoring us plays a huge role in the level of excellence we achieve. Yet, sadly there is a lack of great mentors and role models. Learn the art, principles and practise of great mentorship.


Sexism & Gender Based Violence

Understand the real causes of abuse against women and what we need to do to end it. Much of what we do in response to GBV is based on supporting the victims, which is very important but it won’t stop abuse from happening.



Fathers are the most important men in their children’s lives. A dad is his son’s first hero and his daughter’s first romance. Discover the twelve principles every father needs to know and practise. Invaluable insights for both moms and dads.



True masculinity is a wonderful gift to humanity; false or wounded masculinity can be a dreadful curse. There is no need to reinvent masculinity, we need to rediscover what it truly is. And live it.


The Gender Dance

Men and women are equal yet stunningly different. Discover what lies at the core of the masculine and feminine soul, why we behave the way we do and how we can live in harmony as men and women to co-create a beautiful world.



There is always a second chance. No matter where you are, what you’ve done or what life has thrown at you, there is hope. Get equipped and inspired to break the cycle, leave the past behind and build a great future.


Male Privilege & Implicit Bias

While the evidence of privilege and bias among men is pervasive, it is rarely examined and discussed in a way that assist them in developing tools to change their behavior. We will explore effective ways to engage men in building awareness and action focused on what they can do to decrease the effects of privilege and bias. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The need to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment and society is our collective responsibility. However, most of us do not know how or where to start. We will explore practical strategies that can be applied to help us get started at a personal, professional and organizational level. 

Healing ourselves

Health disparities and health inequities have become increasingly familiar concepts in public health conversations, but are rarely understood or embraced by the people directly and disproportionately impacted. We will explore how to achieve health equity and wellbeing for all people, particularly those at the greatest risk of poor health because of their social conditions. 

Reimagine USA

Our democratic system is under threat. We need urgent, deep, honest conversations to help us Reimagine our country and reignite the hope that inspires us believe in a just society, united in its diversity. Founded in South Africa by Dr. Mamphela Ramaphele and Dr. George F. Lindeque, the ReimagineSA movement has inspired global conversations about how to address the anger, betrayal and breakdown of trust that threatens the foundations of democratic systems. We will learn how to use the Reimagining process to connect individuals, organizations in civil society, public and private sectors to infuse their work with the common goal of strengthening our democracy and reframing our future with a more human face.  

Man-To-Man Talks

True masculinity is a beautiful gift to humanity, but false or wounded masculinity can be a dreadful curse. Through a series of conversations with men – of all ages, ethnicities, gender persuasions and economic backgrounds – we will explore what it means to embrace healthy definitions masculinity and how men can live it in ways that fulfills its highest good.