Author: Martinique

Overcoming self-imposed limitations

Khalil shares his most profound epiphany from his time in prison: “I realised that I was incarcerated before I ever went to prison and if that was the case I knew that I could be free before I was released.” Very few people unlock the full potential that lies within them – Craig and Khalil discuss how we can overcome these self-imposed limitations and break out to live life to the full.


True masculinity is a wonderful gift to humanity; false or wounded masculinity can be a dreadful curse. There is no need to reinvent masculinity, we need to rediscovery what it truly is. And live it.


Fathers are the most important men in their children’s lives. A dad is his son’s first hero and his daughter’s first romance. Craig & Khalil discuss the power and beauty of authentic fatherhood.


There is always a second chance. No matter where you are, what you’ve done, what life has thrown at you – there is hope.


The quality of the people we have mentoring us plays a huge role in the level of excellence we achieve. Every man and every woman needs mentors in their lives. Sadly, there is a lack of great mentors and role models.